San Pellegrino

Patron Saint of a Night Out
Studies show that millennials are drinking less. A lot less. But that doesn’t mean those who choose to forgo alcohol during a night out deserve to be tossed aside like yesterday’s unleavened bread. 

May Morning Shifters, Sober Sallies, and DDs by Association all rejoice, for S.Pellegrino will use its divine wisdom and power to ensure they all still have something to drink along with a night worth remembering the next day.

CW: Weston Bliobenes
AD: Mingyo Lee

Bar Signs
As groups of patrons meander the streets in search of their next drink, bars that serve S.Pellegrino will be sure to make themselves known with the neon glow of salvation.

Bottle Cap Parking Meter
A blessing of curb space awaits those with sobriety in mind. Inserting a S.Pellegrino bottle cap into the slot of this branded parking meter will extend the time indefinitely for all who choose not to drink and drive.

Creed Coasters
Questions of “Why aren’t you drinking tonight?”, “Where’s your brew?” and “Wanna go in on a tab?” seem to constantly surround those holding a certain green bottle. With these coasters in hand, patrons will always know how to respond.

The Fruits of No Spirit | Virgin Cocktail Menu
Anyone looking to steer clear of alcohol need only pick up this special menu at the bar. This collection of virgin cocktails spotlights a variety of fruity concoctions, all featuring S.Pellegrino.

Venmo Emoji Pack
Whether it's gas money or that triple-digit tab your buddies “forgot” to pay, S.Pellegrino will release a set of themed Venmo emojis to properly illustrate last night’s debts still waiting to be fulfilled.