Dungeons & Dragons

Journey to the table
The D&D journey isn’t all about playing the game; It begins right where you’re sitting. The path has finally been laid out in front of you, but it’s not a path for everyone. Indulge in your own destiny. Prove you are deserving of legend. Great rewards await those willing to embark on a Journey to the Table.

CW: Weston Bliobenes
AD: Stephanie Wang

The Journey Begins

Hero’s Elixir
Any chalice that holds these sacred spirits shall cristin the new adventurers along with the quest they’ve been chosen to embark on. A hero’s cup should never run dry. Please campaign responsibly.

Campaign Playlists
A series of spotify playlists will be created to aid the Dungeon Master in creating an atmospheric and immersive narrative using sound. Music tracks are curated based on environments within the game, coupled with sound effects that can be toggled on or off.