Dungeons & Dragons

Where Legends Belong
You already know the rules. You show signs of valor and majesty in your everyday life. Everyone has the spirit of The Game within them, all it takes is the proper space for your skills to shine.

By drawing parallels between roles in real life and roles in the game, we’re able to show future players that there’s a place already waiting for them in Dungeons & Dragons.

CW: Weston Bliobenes
AD: Mingyo Lee

Each print will be placed in a publication covering the same field of interest: Muscle & Fitness,
Better Homes and Gardens, World Literature Today

A Bard’s Tale
In D&D, a Bard is a character class for those who choose a mastery in speech and song rather than combat. This ballad will tell the story of a Bard-to-be as he goes from being booed off the karaoke stage in real life to finally finding his place in a game where such lyrical talents are appreciated. We’ll put the single on streaming platforms along with a limited physical copy release.

“A Path Well Hidden” :30 Radio
To recruit those who identify with the Rogue class, a class rooted in stealth and covertness, we’ll air a radio spot with a hidden message in morse code for them to find.

A Message to the Mystics
A Mystic is one who favors luck and divination. For them, we’ll place a call to action in horoscope platforms like The Pattern and Co–Star. Once selected, users will be able to explore the Mystic class characteristics and how their own horoscopes line up with the traits in the game.